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PRO•CGT – Never lose again


When there is no energy to do one more rep or one last sprint, when the body begs to stop, it's time to get PRO•CGT into action.

This formula combines three of the most effective ingredients in the world of sports supplementation regarding energy and strength gains. Creatine increases ATP production and accelerates recovery, glutamine reduces post-workout muscular stress and taurine is a natural energetic.

Before being launched on the market, this product has been tested by professional athletes from various modalities and the results were quite encouraging. All of them showed fast recoveries from workouts and more explosive strength. In bodybuilding workouts, PRO•CGT reduced recovery time between sets.

If you want more energy and focus, if you want to achieve what you've never reached, if you want to break records, then, PRO•CGT is a supplement that should be everyday by your side.