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Glutamine for endurance

If you play endurance sports like football, basketball, volleyball or running you might consider including Bodyraise's Glutamine in your shopping cart.

Researchers of the University of São Paulo (Brazil) performed an endurance test on nine male football players including high intensity intermittent activities. The main goal was comparing the effects of sports drinks containing carbohydrates and glutamine, and of sports drinks containing only carbohydrates.

Thirty minutes before each test they consumed one of the two sports drinks mentioned above. The team of researchers documented that athletes consuming a sports drink with carbohydrates and glutamine had significantly better results on the endurance test.

On this study, published on Clinics, the authors concluded that: “The mixture of carbohydrates and glutamine was more efficient when increasing the distance covered and the time used for the intermittent exercise. This drink also reduces fatigue more than the other drink with only carbohydrates”.

So, next time you take your post-workout shake, you might be willing to mix it with 1 scoop of Bodyraise's Glutamine.

Favano, A. et. al., Peptide glutamine supplementation for tolerance of intermittent exercise in soccer players, Clinics Vol. 63 Nº 1, 2008 (LINK)