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Pancreatin by BodyRaise increases digestion and absorption of nutrients 8 x


Pancreatin is for people who wish to take maximum advantage out of ingested nutrients

Pancreatin by BodyRaise is indicated for people with problems or difficulty in digesting and absorbing the nutrients from food or supplements they consume. It contains digestive enzymes that improve digestion and absorption of nutrients such as carbohydrates and fat.

Besides ingesting nutrients it is necessary for the body to absorb them, hereby we rely on the digestion process, the body changes nutrients into smaller soluble and absorbable compounds, and for this process digestive enzymes are responsible for the decomposition of nutrients. Without these enzymes digestion is not completed, and no matter how much nutritive food or supplements you ingest your body will not absorb them. This is why the quantity of active enzymes in products such as whey are so important.

Pancreatin increases digestion and absorption of food and supplements 8 x
Pancreatin by BodyRaise uses a powerful formula ProEnzym 8x: protease is responsible for the digestion of protein; amylase for the digestion of carbohydrates and lipase for digestion of fats. This formula as the name itself indicates has 8 times more enzymes than normal pancreatin, it offers a bigger amount of readily available digestive enzymes .

Pancreatin is indicated for all sportsmen that have to ingest large amounts of food and supplements and wish to take maximum advantage of each dosage and also for people who have problems with digestion. Pancreatin is often prescribed by health care providers in order to improve and increase digestion and absorption of food as it stimulates the natural release of digestive enzymes by the pancreas.

It is usually prescribed for people with problems in digestion and assimilation of nutrients and also to the chronically ill such as those who suffer from Pancreatic Cystic Fibrosis and in various problems related to the pancreas which decrease or cause total obstruction of the natural release of pancreatic enzymes.

Pancreatin has a D2U certificate which ensures the best quality at the best price, produced in the lab and sent directly to the consumer. This means that Pancreatin gets to you directly without the middleman, thus ensuring the best price.


  • Increases protein absorption
  • Increases nutrient/supplement absorption
  • Improves protein digestion
  • Improves carbohydrate digestion
  • Improves fat digestion
  • Improves general well-being
  • Totally safe and efficient
Supplement Facts:

Ingredients Quantity
Pancreatin 8x
**DV (Daily Value) not established

Recommended Use:
Take 2 capsules per day before meals.

Presentation: Container with 90 capsules of 550mg