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Yummy Bar Crunchy Protein


Yummy Bar Crunchy Protein is a high protein bar with a delicious chocolate sauce and a cruchy texture, which will make it even a more pratical way to consume protein.

With 33% protein and low in fat and calories, Yummy Bar Crunchy Protein is the best way to take your daily dose of protein in a delicious and crunchy snack. Yummy Bar Crunchy Protein could be eaten at any time of the day, completing a meal or replacing a snack, because despite its delicious flavor contains a very low fat and calories, ideal to integrate into your diet plan.

Always have avaliable a snack rich in protein and low in calories with Yummy Bar Crunchy Protein.

Yummy Bar Crunchy Protein has a D2U certificate that ensures the best quality at the best price being produced in the laboratory and sent directly to the consumer. This means that Yummy Bar Crunchy Protein comes directly to you without intermediaries, ensuring the best price.


33% protein

Crunchy texture

Delicious taste

Low in fat Pratical

Additional Information:

  • * Flavor: Chocolate