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Proeffect Yummy Protein

Enjoy your perfect body with no sacrifices or distasteful shakes. Now, consuming proteins is a real pleasure! ProEffect Yummy, a yummy protein!


Bodyraise has decided to revolutionize the way how people consume and think about protein. This is how new ProEffect Yummy has been created. Have you ever imagined a shake full of different types of protein (time-release protein, milk serum isolated protein, 19 g of Glutamine and 21 g of BCAA’s) able to help you maintain and build muscle mass while burning fats? Have you? Now imagine that the shake is simply the most delicious shake you have ever tried, with fruit bits. There you are! You have imagined the perfect shake! No more sacrifices swallowing horrible shakes for achieving that perfect body. Now, taking protein is a real pleasure!

Great tasting. More than 10 different Varieties.

ProEffect Yummy and the diet
Taking ProEffect Yummy between meals will help you not only maximizing muscle synthesis, but also burning and managing body fat. Protein stimulates the satisfaction of gastrointestinal hormones, which act as a trigger satisfying the organism, and, thus, avoiding the consumption of hypocaloric food.
ProEffect Yummy contains time-release protein, the most efficient protein for satisfying diet requirements, for, as it name says, it is digested and absorbed more slowly than other types of protein. Therefore, it guarantees a constant delivery of protein, so hunger is not felt so rapidly and the body maintains high protein levels. Time-release protein is very used by athletes in periods where they cannot eat (such us when sleeping), for it keeps high protein levels for more than 8 hours.

ProEffect Yummy Formula

ProEffect Yummy is not only a wonderfully tasty shake, but is also highly nutritious thanks to Bodyraise’s efforts. With this intention, they created a revolutionary formula: MRPB (Multi-time Release Proprietary Blend), containing the best protein forms.
Time-release protein and whey protein complete each other and work sinergically so you can enjoy the best results: the immediate delivery of the whey protein –rapidly absorbed by the body- and the action of the time-release protein, maintaining high protein levels for more than 8 hours. So, you have covered your protein requirements for a long period of time while you feel satisfied. Apart from this, ProEffect Yummy includes a very complete Amino Acids range that will improve your muscle recovery and will improve your immunity system with 19 g of Glutamine and 21 g of BCAA’s.


  • This is the protein with the best flavours in the market
  • Enriched with natural fruit bits.
  • Includes time-release protein.
  • Anticatabolic effects.Improves muscle mass building and fats burning.
  • Excellent on breakfast and dinner.
  • Wonderful quality/price.
  • D2U Certified: directly sold to the customer from the manufacturer.
  • Contains isolated whey, 19 g of Glutamine, 21 g of BCAA’s and MRPB, a revolutionary protein formula.

Additional Information:

  • * Flavor: Lemon

Supplement Facts:


Flavour: Chocolate with Huzlenut
Per 100g
%DV Per 100g
Per Serving
%DV Per Serving
370 kcal
111 kcal
Energy 1571 Kj
471 Kj
71.5 g
21.5 g
11.4 g
3.4 g
4.1 g
1.2 g
Liposoluble Vitamins
Tocopherol 20 mg 200% 6 mg 60%
Hidrosoluble Vitamins
Vitamin B1
2.8 mg 201% 0.8 mg 60%
3.2 mg 202% 1 mg 61

Vitamin B3

36.3 mg 201% 10.9 mg 60%
Vitamin B5
12.1 mg 202% 3.6 mg 61%
4 mg 201% 1.2 mg 60%
0.3 mg 201% 0.1 mg 60%
Vitamin B9
403.7 µg 202% 121.1µg 61%
Vitamin B12
2 µg 200% 0.6 µg 60%
Vitamin C
120.1mg 200% 36 mg 60%
698.4 mg 87% 209.5mg 26%
RDV: Recommended Daily Value
* Contains a source of phenylamine

Amino Acids Profile

Essential Amino Acids

5.4 g
9.4 g
7.7 g
6.1 g
4 g
5.1 g
2.6 g
1.7 g
Semi-Essential and Other Amino Acids
Glutamine/ Glutamic Acid
19.2 g
Asparagine/Aspartic Acid
9.4 g
3 g
7.7 g
5.2 g
3.7 g
1.7 g
4.1 g
1.6 g
2.4 g
100 g

Please, take into account these are average values. There may be some differences due to natural changes of the product.

Other Ingredients:
Milk protein, whey protein and whey isolated protein, powder chocolate, protein enriched with powder whey, aromatizer, starch: xanthan gum, vitamin (Ascorbic Acid, Nicotinic Acid Starch, Tocopherol Acetate, Calcium Pantothenic Acid, Pyridoxine, Riboflavin, Thiamine Monohydrate, Folic Acid, Biotine and Cyanocobalamin), sweetener (Acesulfame K, Aspartame 1*Saccharin and Lactase) and emulsifier (Soya Lecithin).

Recommended Use:
Add 30 grams to 300 ml of water or milk (1.5% fats) in a shaker or cup and mix for 20 seconds.

Be Brave and try Something New
Yoghurt Protein

Protein can be consumed in different ways. Usually, brands recommend following a standard method, but you can try to take it differently. For example, mix ProEffect Yummy with 50-100 ml of water and you will have a delicious shake with fruit bits for a wonderful dessert. Your friends will be surprised when you tell them you are taking a protein supplement. Leave the mixture in the fridge for a while to give it a special touch.
Another idea
Mix your protein with not too much water, add 2 or 3 ice cubes to it, and leave in in the freezer for 30-45 minutes. You will enjoy a delicious shake, though it will loss some of its enzymatic properties and nutrition efficency. On the other hand, you will have exquisite ice-creams.

ProEffect Yummy has been enriched with tasty fruit bits, but you can add more fruit, so as to improve it taste.

900 g Container.